Art fantasy jewelry

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Fluorite and brass necklace

This brass necklace is one of the few I made as a collection.The brass is cut than folded into these little, big spirals that create interesting forms and shapes.Three fluorite stones that are attached to the brass are elegantly enfolded with the brass ribbons which are cut from the brass and create one piece.The same is connected with brass wire. Unique piece which you can combine with anything you adore. The length of the necklace is 16 inches.

leather brass orange cuff

The bracelet is made by my two hands and from two different pieces of leather one orange and the other dark grey.The composition is completed with a brass piece cut in free form. dimensions are L - 20 cm W - 4,5 cm

leather cuff

Hand made leather bracelet with metal piece as a decorative element. Completely made by my two hands.The bracelet is made of two wide pieces of leather in different color.As a centerpiece there is a square made of copper.the copper was torched and hammered. The attaching - connecting pieces are also hand made. Length - 17,5 cm Width - 5 cm

leather cuff bracelet

Hand made leather bracelet with metal piece as decorative element.It is completely made by my two hands.The bracelet is made of one wide piece of black leather. On which is sewn one grey leather piece and attached a zink metal element.The metal piece is hand cutt and etched in salt water. Length - 20 cm Width - 4, cm

Malachite stone and copper bracelet

The bracelet is simple and magnificent at the same time.The copper is cut and torched so it becomes reddish with all the other warm colors around.With the contrast between the stone and the copper is is eye catching.Easy to combine with every kind of wardrobe.Awesome, minimalist,eye catching and unique jewelry piece.

Metal and red coral earrings

Etched zinc and red coral earrings.The earrings are made of zinc plates that were recycled from a old graphic print plate of mine. The pieces are etched and they have dark grey texture. Completely cut and made by hand. A small red coral is added to achieve a contrast.Very light to wear.

rose quartz earrings and bracelet set

The bracelet and earrings are cut and crafted by hand.Made of metal zinc and attached to a circle of small rose quartz stones.The bracelet is very light, and so are the earrings .The length of the bracelet is adjustable. Bracelet dimensions 18 x 3,5 cm. Earrings dimension 7 x 1,5 cm.

Russian jade necklace

The piece is made few years back when I experimented with different more geometrical shapes.The Russian jade is made to be the accent of the necklace. the composition continues to get thinner as it goes to the end.The metal pieces are carefully hand crafted and textured.A great necklace for sophisticated and elegant look. You receive the matching earrings as a gift.

White leather and copper bracelet

Hand made leather bracelet with torched and hammered copper piece as a decorative element.Thin stripes are added in a brown color.The copper part is colored by torching. Length - 25 cm Width - 3,5 cm

Wood and bras necklace

Hand made accented wood necklace.This piece is part of the "Connections" collection..The wood is sculpted by hand and accent of turquoise is added for a contrast.The brass parts are also handmade, etched in salt water so a texture is achieved.The composition is closed with black chain. Very light and exotic necklace for special occasions. Dimensions of the wooden part 2,5 inches x 1,7 inches x 0,8 inch Dimensions of the brass parts height 3,7 inches Length of the chain 14 inches.

Wood and brass beaded boho necklace

Wood and brass beaded bohemian necklace.The wood circle is carved filled with green Jade.The texture is raw and opposites the soft wooden part.Attached to a brass piece completes the composition and makes interesting accessory. The chain is beaded with small wooden beads. Dimensions of the pendant are 2 inches x 1,5 inches.

wood and brass earrings

Triangle brass and wood earrings.All the parts of he earrings are carefully cut and enriched with the brass stripes which on the upper part form a triangle spiral form.Very light to wear.