Dreamer Princesses


Sofija Filigranska has a new project seeing the light of day and it cannot be cuter! It's called Dreamer Princesses.


TLT: Can you tell us about the idea behind the project?

SF:I love illustration. I have kept to MDF with painted board surface as a material cut into various shapes for so long because it is an incredible foundation for my illustrations, while the same MDF board jewelry radiates a direct communication and exchange. I have imagined the characters of the princesses for a long time… unspeakably long time. The idea may have had its origin at the time I created the collection called “Our People”. I wanted them to be real persons, each a tale of her own so that I could narrate those tales more directly. And maybe this is that original idea.



TLT: Who are the princesses?

The characters represent girls with which I have made a personal contact, socialized with them and they exist in real time. But during this process, other dimensions opened up. Some characters showed other traits which led to the idea of making princes so I have gradually come up with several stories about the interactions between them and I cannot possibly tell or know where all this would end. They are all going to be included into my new project – Coloring Jewelry Book, where people can color the jewelry they buy with their desired colors.



TLT: What materials do you use in creating this unique wooden necklace pendants.

SF: The princesses are drawn onto a MDF board, after which they are cut out by hand. I paint the princesses with different thickness of markers, colorful inks, watercolors and they are varnished with acrylic matte polish.


Indie Designer Spotlight: Innika Choo


Innika Choo is an Australian born designer who is currently residing, creating and pursuing her designer career in Bali. 

She became famous with her line of handmade linen pieces which she makes in limited quantities and her signature line is composed of heavily embroidered smocks, with billowing folds of all-natural linens and cottons, rolled up hand-sewn details and finishings. She complements her clothes with adorable mules. 

Aside from adult clothes she also designs kids clothes which is too adorable for words.

Follow her creative line on instagram

5 Interior Design Trends for 2017 We Love


Image Source

1. Greenery

Pantone’s color of the year – Greenery, set the trend for the interior design in 2017. The soft green symbolizes the desire to bring freshness in the home and emphasize closeness to nature and hence - rejuvenation and revitalization. Plants as the unique natural element are widely present in decorating the living place. 


2. Mismatched Patterns

The mismatching pattern trend that started in 2016 is having a huge swing this year too and it encompasses furniture, wallpaper, home décor and accents. What is popular? Large geometric prints showing strong lines, folk / native motifs, tapestry tiles or anything botanical.


 Source, Source


3. Textures

Along with the mismatched patterns there are the textures. The manipulation of textiles like pleating and folding of cottons and velvets is gaining on popularity especially in trend are velvet sofas and armchairs. Interior designers recommend layering many different type of textures, from suede, linen and wool, to mohair and cashmere.


Source  Source  Source

4. Granny Florals

Granny Florals and other vintage patterns are on the rise. Interior designers are incorporating these big vintage blooms vie wallpaper and wall décor, throw pillows, rugs and more. But the blooming blossoms are not restricted for the home exclusively. They took over the runway too.




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5. Blush tones are taking the throne off the neutrals. Powdery pink, terracotta, sand, ochre, cinnamon and rust will be all the rage this year.


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Fashion Report: Sari Gi- Fashion Weekend Skopje




Sara Redzik, the designer behind the brand  Sari Gi, presented her newest spring / summer 2017 collection "Spring Fairy" on the 15th Fashion Weekend Skopje. 

The collection was inspired by the most beautiful and inspiring of seasons. All creations wore the everlasting stamp of spring either through flower- printed fabric, embroidered or crocheted flowers embedded as accents or fabric flowers crowning the designs. 

More of Sari Gi in her shop


DIY Flower Clutch


Today we are offering an easy and interesting way to refashion old clutches. The trend says that flowers are going to be all the hit this summer, so for this refashion you need fabric flowers, felt leaves and glue.



If your clutch has a pocket or any addition on the front that would get in the way, remove it.


Glue the leaves on the clutch.


Before gluing the flowers, work on the arrangement you like best. When you have your winning look, go for it. Add flowers gradually until done.


And here it is.

The perfect clutch for the upcoming
summer cocktail parties!
Shirts: Spring Fashion 2017



When it comes to trends in shirts this spring they are all about stripes, puffy / drawstring and trumpet cuffs, ruffles and frills.

Stripes can be vertical, horizontal or a mix-match of both. Preferred colors are pastels.



Sleeves are puffed and constructed in a variety of ways, most popular are the puffed ones and the ones featuring a drawstring and a trumpet cuff.



Ruffles and frills also come in different sizes and can either be minimally or richly applied.

All images taken from Zara, OVN and H&M


5 Fabulous Ideas to Welcome Spring Into Your Home


Via London Bride

Are you ready to welcome spring into your home?
We certainly are!

When it comes to decorating at home and beautifying the living space, even the plainest of vases with a bright and colorful flower arrangement can instantly freshen up the room, bring positive energy and lots of happiness.

In continuation I selected five fantastic ideas how to welcome spring at home without going over the budget, and yet have a modern and eye-catching spring home décor.

Via the Waen Collection & the London Bride

These flower terrariums are gaining more and more on popularity. The perfect centerpiece for your cocktail table.

 Via Honestly WTF
How about making a flower chandelier?
Your guests will certainly be amazed with such an installation!
 Via Plump Pretty Sugar Blog
Adding colorful, floral throw pillows is another way of adding that spring touch.
 Via Crfafteberry Bush, WittanDelight & Yao Cheng Design
Then there are the flower vases. The trend has a broad use - you can arrange flowers in buckets, jars, bottles and glasses. The effect is the same - an absolutely gorgeous setting.
Via Ella Claire & The Cottage Market 


Via Pretty Designs & Farmhouse Touches
And lastly - flower hangers. Whether a hanging pot or a round hanging shelf - use them to decorate empty spaces and wide windows.
Via Topista & Industry Standard Design
I hope you've enjoyed this post and use some of these ideas to welcome spring to your home!
Pom-Pom Necklace DIY
Are you ready for an exquisite, lovely and eye-catching pom pom necklace?
Well, roll up your sleeves and let's get to it!
  • Piece of felt for the bib (foundation)
  • Pom-poms in various sizes and colors (maker's choice)
  • Pom-pom ribbon or any kind of ribbon for the edging
  • Silicone glue
  • Metal chain or cord or ribbon to hang the bib on
Sew / glue the ribbon on the felt piece. Work on the arrangement of pom-poms before you glue them on.

Once satisfied with the arrangement, glue them on. Also mind to glue between pom-poms to prevent them from spreading open.

When done, attach a metal chain / ribbon at the upper edges and the necklace is done!


Interview: Farina's Handmade

Hello and welcome! Please tell us more about Farina's.

Farina's Handmade is a team composed of four people: Marina, Nadica, Maryan and Elena. Marina and Nadica make the clay jewelry that they shape, sand, paint and cover with resin; Maryan makes resin jewelry that he pours into unique molds he makes himself and combines the resin with wood, beads, etc., while Elena is the person behind all sewn and embroidered bags and rucksacks. When it comes to obligations that are as important as the effort we put into making Farina's a brand, we do not have strict rules who is going to photograph the jewelry, tackle social media, send out deliveries .... we mutually get things done.
How did you come up with the name for your brand?
Farina is the name of the small mischievous boy from the children's show "Our Gang" (or "Little Rascals") which is at the same time Marina's nickname. Since the very beginning Marina worked alone, while the other members joined in later, the name stuck as a synonym for the spirit of our creations.
What were your beginnings in creating jewelry like and how did you introduce to the public first?
As a team we probed several areas in the frames of handmade jewelry. First we started making jewelry using beads, wire, natural stones, etc. Our first appearance in front of the public was with our Christmas cards and decorations that we sold on the streets. Later, searching for new materials we discovered the modeling clay that opened up numerous possibilities for us to express our ideas through. Through the work process we realized it was highly compatible with acrylic paints so we started painting it, while much later we also discovered the resin that perfectly protects and preserves the drawings and at the same time gives a wonderful glazed effect that opened up endless possibilities for us to express our creativity.
Tell us more about the image of the girl that is a kind of  trademark for your brand.
That was one of the first illustrated accessories and yes, in a way we became recognizable by the striking and captivating image of that girl. We don't know why our buyers love her so much, but we guess it wakes up the inner child, also because the illustration is minimal and the color scheme intensive.
What materials you use the most and what motifs can be found in your offer?
As we already mentioned, for the jewelry we use clay, resin, acrylic paints, wood and other additions with which we spice up their appearance, while for the bags we used a variery of fabric, raw canvas, synthetic and cotton, broadcloth...
What are the most wanted products?
The products that sell the most are the ones with the girl, the houses, the clean geometric resin shapes combined with various materials, and from the bags, the ones being hand embroidered and containing ethnic elements.
Is there anything new we should look forward to?
Ideas spontaneously sprout with us, through realization of some former ideas and we rarely start working having a definite goal in the end, except the one that it should be an accessory. We wouldn't announce anything because plans often fail and it is more interesting when things happen for themselves.
Japanese Spring Fashion


The start of the spring month is the perfect time for one to dream about the awakening of nature and all the changes in colors and smells she is going to bring.
On the topic of spring, I was impressed with the current trend in Japanese fashion. Embroidery is everywhere. Floral embroidery to be more specific.  It is on the  shirts with puffy sleeves, the long skirts, the trousers, the scarves....
All beautifully composed to create a soft and breezy appearance. The colors are not too bold - with the exception of several pieces, but more of a subdued quality ranging from white and beige to gray and blue, but I must admit that together with the choice of fabrics used like lace, gauze and soft cotton, they are desirable and would be perfect for any romantic souls in love with spring.  
Make Brass & Leather Earrings


Join us for a fantastic tutorial prepared by Nadica from Art Fantasy Jewelry guiding us how to make a pair of lovely brass and leather earrings.




As a jewelry designer I love to work with natural materials. My most inspirational ones are the metals such as copper, brass, all the gemstones and leather. The variety of color and texture that they offer is something I can’t resist. It just overwhelms me with ideas. My working space is rather small but very comfortable, having all my tools and materials at hand. Plus I get to enjoy the sunshine a lot till the trees start to grow leafs, which transforms my view and I have a perfect green leaf curtain on my window. Aaaand I have a pink hula-hoop for exercise between projects. :)

My working process usually starts with an idea and a sketch. In most of the cases the drawn sketch is completed as drawn. But sometimes through the working process it tends to change and the final piece of jewelry is something completely different than the starting sketch. Today I will share my work process for brass and leather earrings.

First when I decide the dimension of the earrings I prepare a brass plate. The brass that I work with is very thin and easy to cut and fold. I start by cutting a small plate enough to fit the two earrings (this is due to the etching process in order to have the same texture on both of them).


Using a permanent marker I draw on the brass. The parts that are not covered with the marker will be etched.


I cover the back of the brass piece with the permanent marker so it wouldn’t be etched.



After the desired design is achieved, I place the brass plate in salt water and make the etching. I leave the plate in the salt solution for about 20 minutes. For these earrings I don’t want a deep texture, only enough for the pattern to be nice and visible.


After the process of etching is done, I clean the plate from the permanent marker and place it on heat. I do it on a small electric stove because I have more control of the process (which is difficult with more aggressive fire like the torch).The heat makes it turn dark on the edges of the texture and sometimes it changes color.



When the texture is complete and finished, I draw and cut the desired shape on the brass plate. If it is more simple shape I use the metal cutting scissors, and for the more complicated shapes I use a jewelry saw.



After the cutting I sand the edges to make sure they are soft. When the brass pieces are done, I start handling the leather. My choice for these earrings is a dark grey leather. I will use the back side because it has a fine messy texture, which I love. I cut two pieces the same size as the brass circles.


Place the leather parts behind the brass. From the three brass extensions that I left I use three of them to firmly press the leather. With round nose pliers I twist the fourth one to which the ring will be connected. Add a jump ring and attach earring hooks.




And there they are, the messy leather and textured brass earrings. Hope you find them inspirational. They surely were for me !




Heather Potten - a Felt maker

Heather Potten is a Scottish felt maker that creates fascinating seamless felt pieces that are masterful architectural works of art.  
She says: "I am fascinated by seamless felt. Unlike other mediums, it is possible to create 3-dimensional structures with no sewing, sticking, binding or welding. It can be done purely through the process of laying out fibres, wetting, soaping, rolling, heating and fulling. However, templates must be meticulously designed in advance and shrinkage calculated before the process can begin."


Having been acquainted with felt nine years ago, through lots of practice and experimentation she has managed to bring felt to a completely new level.

"My work now has a depth that has taken years of training and experimentation to achieve. I aim to create pieces that challenge the way people perceive felt - it has strength, it has beauty, it is tactile and it can be moulded. Without a hint of cliché, it is unique."

Click here to read more about her work and her famous workshops.