Classy Clay Jewelry

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Copy of Blue Boho Necklace, Polymer Clay Jewelry, Blue Agate Pendant

Measurements: • Pendant: 6 cm or 2,36 inch • Metal chain: 38 cm or 14,9 inch.

Geometric Necklace, Square Green Brooch, Polymer Clay Pendant

Measurements: • Pendant: 5,2x 5,2cm or 2,05 x2,05 inch • Steel Wire Necklace Cord length 45 cm/18 inch

Geometric Necklace, Grey Fimo Pendant, Polymer clay jewelry

Measurements: Pendant: 4 x 3,3 cm or 1,57 x1,29 inch Metal chain: 54 cm or 21,25 inch.

Green Bird Brooch, Yellow Bird Pin, Polymer clay Jewelry

Measurements: *Brooch: 6x3,7 cm or 2,36x 1,45 inch

Green elephant brooch, Animal Pin, Brown elephant pin, Polymer clay jewelry, Resin brooch

Measurements: • Brooch: 5 x4cm or 1,96 x1.57 inch

Green square necklace, Polymer clay jewelry,

Measurements Length whole necklace 52 cm or 20,4 inch.

Old house earrings, Blue Dangle Earrings, Polymer Clay Jewelry

Measurements: • The earrings are approximately 6cm (2,36inches) long from top to the end.

Photo Locket Necklace, Long Red Pendant

Measurements: • Pendant: 32 mm or 1,25 inches • Metal chain: 86 cm or 33,8 inch

Polymer Clay Jewelry, Green Owl Pin, Animal Brooch

Measurements: • Brooch:4 x 4,5cm or 1.57 x1.7 inch

Red Geometric Pendant, Fimo Square Necklace

Measurements: *Pendants: 5,3 x5,4 cm or 2,08x 2,12 inch.

Red polymer clay earrings, Rustic earrings, Long Boho Earrings, Polymer clay earrings

Measurements: • The earrings are approximately 6,5 cm (2,6inches) long from top to the end. Red earrings come in a small gift box so it is ready for gift giving.

Simple Turquoise Necklace, Boho Square Pendant, Polymer Clay Jewelry

Measurements: • Pendant: 5, x 5,2 cm or 1,96 x2,04 inch • Metal chain: 50 cm or 19,6 inch.