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Metamorphosis - bead embroidery necklace

Unique, handmade bead embroidery design Bib necklace with deschutes jasper and glass beads

Phoenix - bead embroidery necklace

Bead embroidery with glass beads, agate gemstones, feathers, felt

Pink bead embroidery necklace

Pink bead embroidery, pink collar necklace, pink statement necklace, sparkly pink fashion jewelry with pink dragon vein agate gem and glass beads - beaded on felt

Autumn bead embroidery set

Bead embroidery necklace bracelet and earrings, dragon vein agate gems on the necklace and bracelet, the earring are with tiger eyes glass beads, lace and felt

Fall bead embroidery set

Bead embroidery set - necklace and bracelet with agate and earring with rose quartz gems, glass beads, felt

White bridal bib necklace & bracelet

White bridal bib necklace bead embroidery design, glass beads, felt, agate, white-rose quartz

Watter drop bead embroidery necklace

Turquoise Bronze Green Watter drop bead embroidery bib collar morrocan egypt ethnic inspired agate stone necklace

fb.Fine Silver Filigree Cross Pendant

Fine Silver Filigree Pendant Cross with Sodalite