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Autumn bead embroidery set

Bead embroidery necklace bracelet and earrings, dragon vein agate gems on the necklace and bracelet, the earring are with tiger eyes glass beads, lace and felt

Copper bracelet cuff / braided bracelet

Copper bracelet cuff / braided bracelet.The three pieces of which the cuff is made are hammered and patina-ted in different manner and amount so a contrast is achieved. Can be warn with modern and chic day outfits of evening and more classical wardrobe. The size of the bracelet is very small.Please contact me before purchase about the size.

copper bracelet

Copper bracelet with amethyst stone.The bracelet in made of hammered copper with an additional circle accented with contrast Amethyst stone. Very light and discreet accessory for every day or special occasion moments.

Brass and leather bracelet

Brass and leather bracelet.The bracelet is made of one big piece of hammered brass on which is attached another piece of brass which is patina ted and etched in salt water.The leather part gives it an accented and colorful look.

Copper and leather bracelet

Torched copper and black leather bracelet.The bracelet is made of black leather stripe .as a centerpiece there is a copper piece, which is etched in salty water and patina ted to achieve the beautiful colors.

Orion Nebula - bead embroidery bracelet

"Orion Nebula" bead embroidery bracelet - with brown dragon vein agate , 2 smoky quartz and glass beads 21.5 cm long , 6.5 cm wide


Fine Silver (999) Filigree pendant

s.Fine Silver Filigree Bracelet "Rain Circles"

Fine Silver Filigree Bracelet "Rain Circles"