Turquoise Constellation 2: Ring & Earrings

This set consists of a ring and earrings. Contact me if you want to buy separate items from the set. The set is made with turquoise gemstones and silverized wire
Shop: Tammy Art
Artist: Tammy Art

This is a lovely set of a ring and earrings. Turquoise gemstones are wrapped into a silverized wire frame.

Earrings: 3.4 cm / 1.3"

Ring size: 16


Turquoise Gemstone Meanings: Turquoise has been an important gemstone for many ancient cultures: The ancient Egyptians believed it had protective qualities and incorporated it into swords and other weapons. The Aztecs believed that it had magical properties and would help recovery from illness and the North American Indians thought that it would bring good fortune. Turquoise was frequently used in many of the early North American Indians’ ceremonies. They decorated their idols with the stone and hoped that the use of turquoise would find favor with their spirit world. Wearing Turquoise is also believed to help with the following:

Turquoise is also suppose to brings good fortune, good luck, and a happy life.